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Chicago local movers

As a leading pioneer of local movers in Chicago, we are aware of each and every threat a local move poses, knowing chicago better than anyone else, we can help you make a move that is hassle-free.  

Many people underestimates the severity of what a local move involves, having said that, sometimes the difficulty involved in a Local move is more complicated than an International move.You are often under a narrow time window to get out of your old place and into the new one. You have to account for all your possesions and last minute details such as cable boxes, disconnection of appliances, and keeping location of all the important items you need ready, at a moment when your entire possesions are being relocated. If you don't want to pay for packing, you also have to pack your entire belongings. All this is thrown at you at a time when you still have to work and worry about your common everyday life. It is no wonder why moving has been labeled the 3rd most stressful thing one will experience in their lifetime (moving is the 3rd most stressful experience next to divorce and death in the family).

USA Moving has strived for decades to deliver the best possible move for you and your family. We take special note if you have scheduled specific elevator times. We show up on time with the experience and equipment to make your move hassle-free. Overnight storage and warehousing of your personal belongings is another option should you require time between moves. As one of the well-versed Illinois Movers, make your regional shift breezy. We move you as efficiently as possible, preparing you in advance, so we don't waste time distracted by frivolous details at the time of your move. Our knowledgable staff will be helpful and diligent throughout the entire process. At the end of the day our goal is always your satisfaction.

Local Moving Charges: By law: all household local moves in the state of Illinois must be charged an hourly rate, plus a truck/travel fee, and materials if neccesary. USA Moving gives you explicit details of all charges so there is no confusion:
  1. Local moving is charged by an hourly rate. The rate begins when the crew arrives at your first location and covers the total move time (loading, driving to the new location, and unloading). Additional stops inbetween locations are also included in the total moving time, there are no extra charges for having multiple stops.

  2. In addition there is also a "one-time" travel charge. This fee covers the mover's costs for traveling from their facilities to your location, and back to the office once the move is complete. Again this is only a one-time fee.

  3. Furthermore, any packing materials such as tape, boxes, or shrink wrap needed for your job will cost additional as well. Fragile lamps, art, electronics, glass, marble, and other items of sensitive nature often need to be boxed for proper transportation. Most common furniture items are simply wrapped with our moving blankets which we supply at no charge, but moving tape is required to properly secure these pads onto your furniture. We charge for tape, but we allow you to provide your own tape, or you can have your items move unpadded if you choose so.

Our Skokie movers work with you to fit your budget:

DON’T BREAK YOUR BUDGET! When you take a definitive list of cheap Chicago Mover, you will be able to find us.We understand that cost is an issue and we want you to have the best experience possible. Therefore, we suggest the best way to accomodate your budget. Of course our movers will always first suggest the safest method to transport your items. However, for a quick economical move, you most likely don't want to pay to have all your small fragile items boxed up professionally. In this case our movers in Chicago can concentrate on moving the large heavy items, and if time permits, we can carry the small fragile items to your car. Sometimes there is also space between our folded boxes which flat glass pieces can be moved safely without boxing, if possible, we will accomodate you. Keep in mind that our movers will always be careful, but we cannot insure items not packed or padded against the mover's recommendation.

Because you are paying for time, it makes sense to hire movers who will get the job done quickly. Our movers show up with the proper equipment and a ready to work mentality. We are extremely selective who we hire, our staff cosists of only courteous hard working individuals with the desire to maintain our excellent standards. You may find movers who charge a few dollars an hour less, but most likely the overall cost and experience will be incomparable to the service you can receive at USA Moving.With that being said, we are one of the affordable movers in Chicago

One Final Note:

Please remember that at USA Moving we use all our resources and experience to provide you a top-notch move, but we can only work with you as far as you allow. Your preparation, information, and cooperation is neccesary as well, to have the best moving experience. Please plan for your move as far in advance as possible and begin speaking with a representative as soon as is convenient. Call us now, so we can start explaining and preparing the best scenario for your upcoming local move in Chicago.

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